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andrea pontedoro, high quality hand made instruments in britain
  The Luthier

Andrea Pontedoro was born in Rome in 1973.

In 1974 he moved  with the family to Bisignano (see “Tradition”) in Calabria, land of origin. Inspired by the De Bonis, famous family of luthiers of his home town, in 1995 he started his studies of liuteria in the C.R.F.P. (Nicholas De Bonis’ school), and guided from the experience of two great masters of the Italian liuteria,  Master Gabriele Carletti from Bologna, and Master Fiorenzo Copertini Amati from Florence, he then obtained the diploma with the maximum marks.

In 1999 he left Bisignano in order to deepen the studies attending the laboratories of Master Carletti (Bologna) and Master Copertini Amati (Florence).

In the 2000 he moved to Edinburgh in Scotland where he worked in his  laboratory of liuteria and taught violin making technique in Leith Academy for 5 years.

During his staying in the capital he meets Master David G. Mann  with which he develops and he deepens techniques of repair and restoration. In February 2009 Pontedoro became a member of the BVMA, British Violin Making Association.

In 2012 Andrea moves abck to Italy - to Trieste. Member of the Italian Luthery Association - A.L.I. President of the Bisignanese Luthery Association, A.L.B.

Over the years Master Pontedoro has developed  several techniques of construction and used  several types of varnish, personalizing his own instruments, with respect to the Italian tradition, making them unique in their style and their sound.

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